Toyota Celica Interior Mods

When it comes to Toyota Celica interior mods, there are a few things that you can do to really make your car stand out. For starters, you can add some new seat covers or even get new floor mats. You can also add some new gauges and other accessories to the inside of your car.

If you want to go all out, you could even install a new stereo system or paint the interior of your car. No matter what you decide to do, just remember that these are only a few of the many different ways that you can modify the interior of your Toyota Celica.

If you’re looking to spruce up the interior of your Toyota Celica, there are a few modifications you can make to give it a fresh, new look. Here are a few ideas to get you started: 1. Replace the floor mats with some new ones that have an interesting design or color scheme.

2. Change out the seat covers for something more eye-catching. You could even add some racing stripes or other accents to really make them stand out. 3. Swap out the factory stereo for an aftermarket unit that has all the bells and whistles.

This will not only improve the sound quality, but also give you a lot more control over what music you can play while on the go. 4. Add some LED lights under the dash or in other places around the interior to really give it a unique look at night time. 5. Finally, consider changing out the shift knob for something that better suits your style (or even just one that’s more comfortable to use).


Toyota Celica Accessories

The Toyota Celica is a sport compact car that was produced by Toyota from 1970 to 2006. The Celica name was derived from the Latin word coelica meaning “heavenly” or “celestial”. In Japan, the Celica was exclusive to Toyota Japanese dealerships Toyopet Store.

Throughout its life span the Celica has been powered by various four-cylinder engines and offered with both manual and automatic transmission styles.

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One of the most popular features of the Celica was its liftback body style which incorporated a large rear hatchback door that made loading and unloading cargo much easier than traditional sedan trunk designs. The front-engine/front-wheel-drive layout of early Celicas meant that there wasn’t much room for luggage in the trunk so the liftback design went a long way in solving that problem.

Over the years, Toyota offered a wide variety of special edition models and appearance packages for the Celica which helped keep interest high in the vehicle. Some of these include: • GT – A performance oriented model with upgraded suspension, engine, and interior trim levels.

• GTS – A more luxury focused version of the GT with additional standard features and equipment. • ST – A entry level model offering basic transportation at a budget friendly price point. There are also many aftermarket companies that produce parts and accessories specifically for the Celica which can further customize its look and performance.

Whether you’re looking to soup up your Celica for track days or just want to add some visual flair, there’s sure to be an accessory out there for you!

Toyota Celica Interior Mods


What are Some Popular Interior Mods for the Toyota Celica

Assuming you are referring to popular mods for the Toyota Celica ST205, some of the most popular interior mods are as follows: -Replacing the standard stereo head unit with a more premium aftermarket unit. This can include adding features such as GPS navigation, Bluetooth connectivity and enhanced audio playback.

-Installing a set of racing seats in place of the standard seats. This is a popular mod among track day enthusiasts or those who want to add a more sporting feel to their Celica.

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-Adding additional gauges to the dashboards, such as an oil pressure or boost pressure gauge.

This is again popular among track day drivers or those looking to monitor their engine’s performance more closely. -Replacing the standard shift knob with an aftermarket unit, often made from materials such as aluminium or carbon fibre. This is a relatively cheap and easy way to add a touch of style or individuality to your Celica’s interior.

How Can I Make My Celica’S Interior More Unique

When it comes to making your Celica’s interior more unique, there are a few different route you can take. You could start by swapping out the standard seats for something more unique, such as racing or bucket seats. You could also add in some new gauges to keep track of vitals like oil pressure and turbo boost.

Or, you could spice up the stereo system by installing a new head unit, subwoofer, and amplifier. No matter what route you decide to take, just be sure that whatever modifications you make don’t negatively impact the safety or function of your vehicle.

What are Some Things to Avoid When Modifying the Celica Interior

When it comes to modifying the Celica interior, there are a few things that you will want to avoid in order to ensure that the process goes smoothly. First and foremost, avoid making any permanent changes to the interior unless you are absolutely positive that you want them. This means no drilling, no cutting and no welding; anything that cannot be easily undone should be avoided.

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Another thing to avoid is making any changes that will negatively impact the safety of the vehicle. This includes changes that could obstruct your vision or make it difficult to operate the controls. You also want to avoid anything that could potentially cause injury in the event of an accident.

Finally, try to resist the temptation to go overboard with the modifications. It can be tempting to add a lot of aftermarket parts and accessories, but resist this urge as it can quickly make the interior look cluttered and unappealing. Stick with a few tasteful upgrades and leave it at that – your Celica will thank you for it!


Looking to spruce up the interior of your Toyota Celica? Here are some great mods to consider! 1. Start with the seats.

You can add seat covers or even replace the seats altogether for a more custom look. 2. Update the dash. A new dash kit can really change the whole feel of the interior.

3. Change out the door panels. This is a great way to add a personal touch to your car. 4. Add some new floor mats.

This will help protect your car’s interior and keep it looking nice for years to come. 5. Finally, consider changing the stereo system. This is one of the most popular mods for Celica owners and can really improve your driving experience.

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