License Plate Screw Size

Most license plates are secured to vehicles using screws. The size of these screws is usually 6-32. However, some license plates may require different sizes of screws.

It is important to know the correct screw size for your license plate in order to avoid damage to the plate or vehicle.

If you’re looking to install new license plate screws, you’ll need to know the right screw size. The most common screw size for license plates is #8-32. This size is used on both standard and metric license plates.

Other sizes that may be used include #10-24 and M6x1.0. Be sure to check your vehicle’s specifications before purchasing new screws, as some vehicles require special sizes or types of screws.

What Size is a Toyota Rear License Plate Metric Bolt

License Plate Screw Size Metric

Most license plate screws are metric. The size of the screw is typically 10mm, but it can vary slightly. Make sure to check your vehicle’s owner manual to be sure.

You’ll need a metric socket or wrench to remove the old screws and install the new ones.

License Plate Screw Size Mercedes

If you’re looking to install new license plate screws on your Mercedes, you’ll need to know the correct screw size. The good news is that there is only one size of screw that will fit all Mercedes models – 8mm. This screw can be found at any hardware store, and we recommend using stainless steel screws for durability.

Once you have your screws, simply remove the old ones from your license plate (if present) and twist in the new ones until they’re snug. That’s all there is to it! In just a few minutes, you can give your car a fresh look with new license plate screws.

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License Plate Screw Size Toyota

If you’re looking to replace the screws on your Toyota’s license plate, you’ll need to know what size to get. The good news is that all Toyota models use the same size screw for their license plates. That means regardless of whether you have a Camry or a Corolla, you can use the same screws.

The size you’ll need is M6 x 16mm. These are standard metric screws that should be readily available at any hardware store. If not, they can easily be ordered online.

Be sure to get stainless steel screws as they won’t rust and will look better than zinc-plated ones. With new screws in hand, simply remove the old ones and screw in the new ones. Torque them down to 8-10 Nm ( Newton meters) using a torque wrench or by hand.

And that’s it! You now have fresh, clean license plate screws on your Toyota.

License Plate Screw Size Volkswagen

Volkswagen’s license plate screws are M6x1.0. That is, they have a 6mm diameter and are 1.0 thread pitch.

License Plate Screw Size


Q: What is the License Plate Screw Size

When it comes to the size of license plate screws, there are two main types that you will come across. The first type is known as metric and these screws will have a diameter of M6x1.0. The second type is known as imperial and these screws will have a diameter of #8-32 UNC.

Q: How Many Screws are Needed for a License Plate

Most states require only one license plate, which must be attached to the rear of the vehicle. Some states, however, require two plates – one for the front and one for the back. In these cases, you will need two screws for each plate.

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Q: Where Can I Purchase License Plate Screws

If you need new license plate screws, the best place to purchase them is at your local hardware store. Most stores will have a wide selection of screws to choose from, so you should be able to find the perfect ones for your needs. Be sure to bring along the old screws so that you can get an accurate match.


In order to ensure that your license plate is properly secured, it is important to use the correct size screws. The most common screw size for license plates is #8-32. However, some states require a different size screw, so be sure to check your local regulations.

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