2014 Toyota Prius Usb Port

The Toyota Prius is a hybrid car that was first introduced in 1997. The name “Prius” is Latin for “first”, and the car was designed to be the world’s first mass-produced hybrid vehicle. The Prius uses a combination of gasoline and electric power to operate, and it has a reputation for being very fuel-efficient.

One of the great features of the Prius is that it comes with a USB port, which allows you to charge your electronic devices while on the go.

The 2014 Toyota Prius comes with a USB port that allows you to charge your devices on the go. This is a great feature for those who are always on the go and need to keep their devices charged. The USB port can also be used to connect your device to the car’s audio system, so you can enjoy your music while you’re driving.

2014 prius center counsel charge port

Toyota Prius Usb Port Not Working

If you own a Toyota Prius, you may have noticed that the USB port doesn’t seem to work. This is a common problem that can be easily fixed. The first thing you’ll want to do is check the fuse box.

The fuse for the USB port is located in the “PWR” position. If this fuse is blown, it will need to be replaced. Once you’ve checked the fuse box, the next step is to check the wiring harness.

The harness connects the USB port to the rest of the car’s electrical system. If there are any loose or damaged wires, they will need to be repaired or replaced.

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If your Toyota Prius’ USB port still isn’t working after taking these steps, it’s likely that there is an issue with the car’s computer system.

You’ll need to take it to a qualified mechanic or dealership for further diagnosis and repair.

2014 Toyota Prius Usb Port

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Does a 2014 Toyota Prius Have a Usb Port?

Yes, the 2014 Toyota Prius has a USB port. It is located in the center console and can be used to charge devices or to play music from a USB device.

Where is the Usb Port on a Prius?

The Toyota Prius has a USB port located in the center console, between the front seats. In order to use it, you must have a USB cable that is compatible with your device. Once you have plugged in your device, you can use the touchscreen display to control it.

How Do I Connect My Phone to My 2014 Prius?

Assuming you would like a step-by-step guide on how to connect your phone to your 2014 Prius: 1. Start with your phone in hand and unlocked. 2. Find the Settings app and open it.

3. Scroll down and tap Bluetooth. It should be under the “Wireless & networks” section 4. Make sure that Bluetooth is turned on by tapping the switch at the top of the screen 5. Now, return to the main Settings menu 6. Tap Display 7. Then, tap Brightness 8. Drag the Brightness slider all the way to the right 9. Exit out of Settings 10. On your home screen, find and tap the Toyota icon 11.(If this is your first time connecting your phone to your car, you’ll need to enter a PIN first.) 12 Select 0000 as your PIN 13 If prompted, select Phone 14 The system will now search for nearby devices 15 When your phone appears in the list of available devices, select it 16 You should see a message on your phone asking if you want to allow access 17 Tap Pair 18 Your phone and car are now connected!

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How Many Usb Ports Does a Prius Have?

If you’re looking for a hybrid car with plenty of USB ports, the Toyota Prius is a great option. This popular hybrid car has four USB ports, allowing you to charge multiple devices at once. Plus, the Prius’ spacious interior makes it a comfortable ride for long journeys.


The 2014 Toyota Prius comes with a USB port that can be used to charge devices or to play music from a USB memory stick. The port is located in the center console, and it is compatible with both iPhone and Android devices.

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