2010 Prius Intake Manifold

The 2010 Prius features a new, more efficient intake manifold. The design of the intake manifold has been optimized to improve airflow and reduce engine noise. The result is a more powerful and efficient engine that delivers better fuel economy.

The 2010 Toyota Prius has a new, more efficient intake manifold. The design is based on the “Runner” concept and features an asymmetrical layout with shorter, straighter runners on the left side of the engine and longer, curved runners on the right side. This improves airflow and helps to reduce fuel consumption.

PRIUS SHAKES? 2010 – 2015 Toyota Prius Intake Manifold Cleaning

2010 Prius Intake Manifold Replacement

If your 2010 Prius is experiencing decreased fuel economy and performance, it may be time to replace the intake manifold. This important component of your car’s engine directs air and fuel into the cylinders for combustion. When replacing the intake manifold, it’s important to use one that is specifically designed for your car.

Using a generic replacement part can lead to poor fitment and decreased performance. The process of replacing the intake manifold is fairly straightforward, but does require some basic mechanical skills. If you’re not comfortable performing the work yourself, take your car to a certified mechanic.

2010 Prius Intake Manifold

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How Do You Clean the Throttle Body on a 2010 Prius?

Assuming you have some basic car knowledge and tools, cleaning the throttle body on your 2010 Prius is a pretty simple task that can be done in about an hour. The first thing you’ll want to do is disconnect the negative battery cable. Once that’s done, you can remove the air intake duct by loosening the clamps and screws that hold it in place.

With the air intake duct removed, you should have clear access to the throttle body.

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Use a small brush or rag to clean any dirt or debris from around the throttle body opening. Next, take off the throttle body cover by removing the screws that hold it in place.

Inside the throttle body itself there will likely be a good amount of built-up gunk – this is what needs to be cleaned out. Use a rag or brush to scrub away all of the grime until the surfaces are clean. Reassembly is simply a matter of putting everything back together in reverse order.

Once everything is back in place, reconnect the negative battery cable and start up your Prius – it should run just like new!

How Do You Clean the Egr Valve on a Prius?

The EGR valve on a Prius is located in the engine bay, on the side of the engine. To clean it, you will need to remove the intake manifold. There are two bolts that hold the manifold in place.

Remove these bolts and carefully pull off the manifold. Be careful not to damage any of the hoses or connectors that are attached to it. Once the manifold is removed, you will be able to see the EGR valve.

There may be some carbon buildup on it, which you can clean off with a rag or brush. Once it is clean, reattach the manifold and replace the bolts.


In 2010, the Toyota Prius received an updated intake manifold. The new manifold allowed for increased airflow and improved engine performance. The updated manifold also reduced emissions and improved fuel economy.

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